Minting will be stopped once 10,000 MetaBlobs have been minted! 6,636/10,000

Cute & Unique NFTs for Everyone! Get your free* MetaBlobs soon! *Minting is for free, you only pay the transaction fee.
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100,000 Free NFTs for everybody

MetaBlobs are fun. And cute. And there are 100,000 of them. AND they are all for FREE, besides, the transaction fee. MetaBlobs are here to be enjoyed, collected and traded. They offer a great variety of traits with countless combinations, so that there truly is a MetaBlob for everybody. All 100,000 MetaBlobs are available for minting, and no secret stockpile exists anywhere. So get your free MetaBlobs now!

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Cute & unique & Cool NFTS

MetaBlobs is a NFT Collection, which allows you to mint free NFTs for you and your friends. There are 100,000 MetaBlobs available to mint right now! Did we mention they are cool?

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Power to the community

MetaBlobs are a platform where price and further development lays in the hands of the community. MetaBlobs give you full ownership over the NFT and are designed as an entry point for NFT newcomer as well as established collectors. 2.5% of sales will go as a royalty to a treasury, which will be governed by the community.

Stats, stats, stats

MetaBlobs are generated out of over 500 different Figures, Backgrounds, Hats, Eyes, Mouths and accessories. That makes for a whooping amount of different possible combinations, of which 100,000 are being minted. We also added one of six different rarities to each trait, so the collectible experience becomes even better. What will you get?

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Metablobs for you and your friends

The MetaBlobs smart contract allows you to mint 1 Token to your own wallet. You can also mint more MetaBlobs if you own NFTs from hand-picked NFT collections, that you'll find below. Additionally, you can mint 1 MetaBlob to as many of your friends wallets as you want. For each MetaBlob you send, you'll get 1 more for yourself.

Mint 1 MetaBlob to your own Wallet

+1 Mint for each other selected collection you own a NFT from

Mint 1 MetaBlob to your friends, get 1 more for each minted

Who made this?

We are a team of three NFT and crypto enthusiasts. Together we have worked on different NFT projects and helped to launch others. Now we want to try something new and also give back to this amazing community. Together we have founded, under which we now develop and publish our projects.

Facts, updates & Stuff

How to mint a metablob?

Here is a quick video on how to mint a MetaBlob:

How does the minting work?

Generally, you can mint one MetaBlob per Wallet and send one MetaBlob to as many wallets as you like. For each MetaBlob you send to another Wallet, you can mint another MetabBob for yourself. You can also mint more than one MetaBlob if you own a token of one of the following projects:

With some of these we have officially teamed up, others we just added to the list because we collect them ourselves, got inspiration from them or just love what they do.

So lets say you own a NFT from 2 of these above-mentioned collections. Then you can mint 3 MetaBlobs for your self. When you now send two MetaBlobs to your friend's Wallet, you can mint up to 5 for yourself.

Is there a roadmap?

Short answer no, not certainly. We have several ideas to further develop the project and want to decide everything together with the community. We'll first have to see where this project goes from here. Our main focus is to try something new and exciting, as well as building a huge and amazing community around this project.

What can I do with MetaBlobs?

MetaBlobs are designed as digital collectibles. You can just enjoy having them, trade with other owners, built a gang of like-minded MetaBlobs or just print them out and hang them onto your wall. For each MetaBlob you own, you have full commercial rights and can use them in any way you see fit.

How do the royalties work?

For secondary sales, there are 7.5% royalties. 2.5% go to a community wallet and 5% to the team behind MetaBlobs.

What Blockchain are MetaBlobs on?

MetaBlobs are being deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. We looked into other Blockchains, but for now decided to launch on Ethereum, despite some downsides, we believe the long-term value for Ethereum is better for the collection and that's where we have experience in launching. Since minting is for free, we hope this will still allow as many people as possible to get their hands on some MetaBlobs.

How Does Minting for a Friend work?

Our smart contract allows you to mint one MetaBlob to your own Wallet and one to any other wallet you like. You can mint a single MetaBlob to as many wallets as you like, but the maximum per transaction is one. You yourself can mint more than one, if you own a NFT from one of the projects mentioned at "How does minting work".

Why are MetaBlobs for free?

We want to give back to the community and allow as many people as possible to get into NFTs. MetaBlobs are designed for newcomers as well as established collectors. Having no fixed minting price is a good way in our mind to spread the word and get more people onboard. Building a large and awesome community is key, and this is our way of giving back after launching different projects before. Also, we think giving away 100,000 of anything is quite cool.

Rarity & Traits

Each MetaBlob is algorithmically generated from over 500 different traits. Each trait has one of 6 different rarities, ranging from common to mythical. This allows for a great variety and some super rare MetaBlobs that can be minted. They are all generated upfront and not on chain.

Cute & Unique NFTs for Everyone! Get your free* MetaBlobs soon! *Minting is for free, you only pay the transaction fee.
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